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~ Flags and Pennants ~

At shows and festivals we've vended at over the years, we have also been selling flags, pennants and banners which focus on honoring many different spiritual traditions. Noticing that there wasn't much available in the realm of Northern European or Asatru traditions, we thought it might be fun to try our hands at designing some flags. With the help of the folks at Karuna Arts in Hawaii and their talented batik artists in Bali, our custom designs have become a reality.

We are pleased to be able to offer six designs available exclusively from A Touch of Glass...and then some. Since each flag is hand batiked from our design, please allow for nuances in color and design from the website photo. These rayon flags measure 16 inches across and 18 inches from the top to the point at the bottom and are stitched at the top to allow for the optional use of a string or dowel stick when hanging.

* These custom flags sell for $15.00 each *

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Please Contact Us with your selection and you will be sent an invoice for the flags plus shipping and handling. Please let us know if you are located in Pennsylvania as we will need to add 6% sales tax to your invoice. Since the flags weigh far less than glass and heat bags, these orders cannot go through the shopping cart as the shipping and handling charges using that method are not adjustable.

* * Because each of these flags is hand batiked, reordering stock does take a bit of time. It can take 6 to 8 weeks to receive additional stock here. As with any handcrafted item, we ask that you please be patient should restocking be necessary. * *

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From time to time our inventory consists of product that has been discontinued by the folks at Karuna Arts. While supplies last, these wonderfully hand-batiked flag strings and pennants from the artisans in Bali, Indonesia, are available to you from A Touch of Glass...and then some..

This is a set of 5 flags, stitched to a string for hanging. Each flag measures 16" wide x 20" high.

Pan, PurrFect Love and the Flaming Chalice measure 16"w x 18"h, the Rune Altar Cloth measures approximately 36" x 36", and the Halloween Cat measures 22" x 22". Each is stitched at the top to allow for a dowel or string for hanging.